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We focus our efforts on first renewing, by working to refurbish each computer to extend it's life cycle for additional years of meaningful use.  

To date, we have refurbished and delivered over 1.5 million computers across Canada, with 455,000 in Ontario alone! 

We are federally funded, and have been for over 25 years. We have first right of refusal on all donated technology as mandated by the Federal Government. Our equipment comes from such donors as:  Department of National Defence, Canada Revenue Agency, Telus and CIBC.  We make sure to securely wipe sensitive data off of every donation we receive before we begin the refurbishment process. 

For more information, watch our video HERE!


1. YOUR donated technology will help people in need! 

  • By choosing to donate your computer technology you are taking an active role in helping to reduce the digital divide Ontarians are facing today. 
  • Your computer donation helps children in schools and in families living with limited income who otherwise would not be able to access this resource. 
  • Your donation will go directly to one of our production warehouses (Mississauga and Niagara) to be refurbished then redistributed to the schools, charities, not-for-profits, First Nation bands, individuals and families we currently serve across Ontario. 

2. YOUR donation will help save the environment!  

  • Save greenhouse gases, preserve natural resources and conserve energy while also diverting toxic elements such as lead, mercury and cadmium from landfills. 
  • Refurbishing saves 20x more energy than recycling! In just one year, we saved 8,808 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, 1,391 tonnes of water emissions and $15.2 million in energy costs.
  • 22 million pounds of e-waste has been diverted  (through reuse alone) since the inception of our program!

3. YOUR donation provides PAID work experience!

  • Every donation that comes through our doors is an opportunity for our youth interns to develop new skills related to their careers in technology.
  • Our youth interns are responsible for detailing, refurbishing, and renewing each and every computer distributed through our programs.

All donated technology that cannot be reused is disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. To read more about our recycling practices and standards, please click the following links:












For more information on donation specifications, please contact our Donations Lead 

Donations Lead
Email: donations@rcto.ca




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