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RCT Celebrates #GivingTuesday with 5 computers donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel

 December 1st 2015 - Giving Tuesday

Today marks Giving Tuesday. A day to celebrate and remember that while we shop for our friends and family, this is also the season for giving back to our communities. For the first time ever, Mississauga has launched a local giving movement, named #SaugaGives. RCT is happy to be a partner charity in today’s festivities and join the City Of Mississauga in getting the giving season started by supporting the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel with five computers to five identified families in need through the RCTech OUTREACH program.

“With technology becoming the standard for learning, computers have become less about simply being a tool to help get school work done, but rather it is an invaluable equalizer in a world where access to technology has become the standard for skill-development, communicating, and collaborating. It is for this reason that across the province, and right here in Mississauga, the digital divide is a gap that RCT is proudly working to close,” says Shauna McCaffrey, RCT’s Executive Director.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel is a charity that is greatly aligned with RCT’s mission by aiming to change the course of young lives by giving them the mentorship, tools, and resources they need to reach their full potential. Having access to technology at home is a step in the right direction, which is why five families are receiving a computer today to give their children the opportunity they deserve to succeed.

“We are thrilled that RCT has provided this opportunity for five of our families who are most in need of a computer. This helps to ensure that our youth have the tools they need to learn and succeed. The families receiving these computers have never had one before – some are new families to Canada and others have had to walk to the local library each day to complete homework assignments. By having a computer provided to them this will give these families the ability to learn, excel and keep connected,” says Shari Lynn Ladanchuk, President & CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel.

Mississauga Gives is an amazing community that we are so happy to be a part of. RCT is a unique charity in that we don’t just get to serve people; students, learners, entrepreneurs, and those just looking to improve their skills, but we also get to work closely with the non-profits, schools, libraries, and charities that are working at the front lines to serve that same group of people. Coming together as charities is so important in ensuring that work is never duplicated, that synergies are developed, and most importantly that we get to serve more people.

Reach out to us today and let us know how you are giving back, we would love to hear your stories. Can we work with your organization to help empower more people with technology? Whether you are an individual, a charity, or even a business looking to donate your computers; there is a place for you at RCT. Working together is the first step in giving back, and we can’t wait to build new partnerships as we come closer to the New Year.

Happy #GivingTuesday!

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