In a recent article published by Unicef as part of their ‘Dare to Dream’ campaign, Jose Alba detailed the importance of hiring young people. According to him, the benefits of hiring youth range from bringing a “fresh perspective and a different way of thinking to your business” to a “natural affinity for tech and the ability to apply and understand different technologies quickly.”

For the reasons he listed and many more, we have always believed in realizing the potential of our youth. We accomplish this goal by providing paid work experience to 55 interns per year for youth aged 16-30.

We not only understand the value that young people bring to our company but also the immeasurable value of real work experience starting from a young age. We accomplish this goal by providing paid work experience to 55 interns per year for youth aged 16-30.

For a better understanding of the type of experience youth interns gain at RCT, we asked Alexander Oliver a few questions about his time as an intern with us. Prior to working for RCT, Alexander was active in the Canadian entertainment industry as a stage and film actor finding roles performing with the Thousand Islands Playhouse and with the Guild Festival Theatre in Toronto.

How has the youth internship program at RCT empowered you to succeed?

The opportunity has provided on-the-job work experience that has helped me develop the skills and training that I use every day in my current position. As a youth intern, I was able to use my experience as a Content Creator to help realize many different marketing strategies for the Community Engagement Leads. The responsibility of playing a key role in developing touch-point email campaigns gave me confidence in my work in a professional setting. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity RCT provided me as a Sales and Marketing Intern.

Did the youth internship program at RCT allow you to explore different areas of the company? If so, how?

During my contract as an intern, I was able to take part in many important projects including; the St. Lawrence Market Neighborhood Association’s reMarket, which acted as an eRound Up for technology donations; Microsoft’s Surface Tablet donation to First Nation Communities in Northern Ontario, and a refresh of RCT’s online presence. During my contract, I was offered a full-time position with the Sales and Marketing team, which I very eagerly accepted.

What do you enjoy most about working at RCT?

Truly, the greatest thing about working at RCT is being part of an answer to a problem that faces more Ontarians than ever; the growing digital divide. There is a great demand for low-cost computer technology as schools, workplaces, and other essential services (such as counselling, doctor appointments, and even legal proceedings), have all found a place online. Helping others access technology while working alongside an extremely dedicated and compassionate team has been a very rewarding experience.