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If you have recently received a letter from the Federal Government, and you wish to order a computer, you will need the code that was included in your letter, to place an order. 

If you are ready to place your order, click HERE to access the order form for Connecting Families.

In 2018, the Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development announced a series of measures to improve telecom services for Canadians, one of which was the Connecting Families initiative, which helps financially challenged families gain access to the internet. RCT has supported this initiative since the beginning, by helping to deliver a total of 20,000 desktop computers to eligible households over the five years the program is expected to run.

The Connecting Families initiative invested $13.2 million to help bridge the digital divide for Canadian families struggling to access the internet at home. Access to high-speed internet is an essential service, vital to our development as a knowledge-based economy. A secure online portal was developed by Computers for Success Canada, which  enabled eligible Canadian families to access high speed Internet service packages for $10 per month from participating Internet Service Providers. Together, these efforts helped more Canadian families and youth access valuable resources that are available on the Internet and allowing them to access the tools they need to succeed.


Thanks to funding provided by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada through Computers for Success Canada, Renewed Computer Technology has provided over 3000 free refurbished laptops to Syrian Families landing in Ontario in December 2016.

This was part of a larger national effort to aid our new friends, neighbours, and community members in having all the resources necessary to start anew here in Canada. If families required more than one computer, they were directed to other programs which offer affordable and accessible computers.

RCT worked directly with settlement agencies across the province to deliver these laptops in a timely manner, while also providing support through giving a one year limited parts and labour depot warranty from the date the laptop is received by the family. Each computer came loaded with a Windows Operating System, Microsoft Office Suite and skill development software.

Heart Warming Notes:

“Thank you very much for the laptop donation. This laptop has helped me to study and obtain my G1 driving license. I used this to help with studying and practicing for G1 test online and having it allowed me to complete my G1 test. This was very important to me when settling in Canada. On top of receiving my G1 license it has helped me search for other information, and with helping my children complete their school work. Many thanks to you.” ~ Mohamed, Client of Arsim Aliu, Immigrant Services Department, YMCA Hamilton/ Burlington/ Brantford

“Thank you RCT for providing laptop to us. IT was very useful and essential in my settlement to Canada. I was able to search online and get my job by using the laptop. I could connect with family and friends through the internet using the laptop, as well as using it for my studies, preparing for presentations and doing homework. I also was able to search information and submit the application for my parents to immigrate to Canada.” ~ Nidal, Client from Immigration Services Department, YMCA Hamilton/Burlington/Brantford

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CFSC: For more information on this investment on a national level visit


Donate your used computers in support of our initiatives. For more information, contact us: [email protected]

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How can Syrian families receive their laptop?

To receive a computer, a recognized settlement agency or non-profit serving Syrian refugees must apply for computers on behalf of any Syrian Family who has landed from December 1st 2015 to December 31st 2016. RCT will verify the organization status against the list of approved service providers provided by the federal government. Computers will be available on a first come, first served basis.

How do I apply as an organization?

Recognized settlement agencies serving Syrian Refugees may apply for computers by contacting Adam French, RCT Project Coordinator, at 905-795-2623, or [email protected] to receive an application form. Each organization should assign ONE contact person to act as a liaison with RCT.

How many laptops can an organization order?
Organizations should request the number of laptops expected to be delivered over a 4-6 week period at a rate of ONE laptop per FAMILY.
What happens after the application has been submitted?
After an application has been submitted, RCT will review and provide you with an expected delivery date for the requested laptops. These laptops will be shipped directly to your location to be distributed to the families you serve.
How will the laptops be shipped?
Shipping details will be arranged with RCT’s Project Coordinator, as shipping will vary depending on location and number of laptops. RCT will ensure that shipping fees (if any) remain minimal. Contact Adam French ([email protected]) for more details.
Will we need to provide RCT with any documentation after receiving the laptops?
RCT will provide each organization with a reconciliation form to be completed and e-mailed to [email protected] on a bi-weekly basis after delivery of laptops. This form will provide RCT with the number of laptops distributed, and the number of laptops still remaining with an organization. RCT reserves the right to request additional verification to confirm the qualification of all applicants on a case by case basis.
When can an organization apply for more units?

When an organization is carrying less than 5 units, and is expecting to serve more clients, it may reapply for computers. RCT reserves the right to adjust the quantity & delivery time.

What happens if families are in need of more than one unit?
Families in need of more than one computer will be directed to other affordable programs and can contact us directly to receive more information.
Is the laptop covered under a warranty?

All units delivered through this program are covered under a 1 year, limited parts & labour depot warranty beginning from the date the client receives the laptop. Clients must contact RCT, and bring the units to be serviced. Software issues are not covered in the warranty and can be fixed for an extra fee.

All questions regarding the program

All questions regarding the program can be directed to our Project Coordinator, Adam French, at [email protected], 905-795-2623.

We look forward to serving you!

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