Triple Bottom Line: The Benefits of Reuse

OVER 510,000 computers renewed since Computer for Schools Plus started

Environmental Benefits

Reusing technology has even greater benefits than recycling:


  • “Extending the life of a computer is the most effective way to reduce its overall impact.” Dr. Eric Williams, Computers and the Environment: Understanding and Managing Their Impacts, United Nations University in Tokyo
  • Saves greenhouse gases, preserves natural resources and conserves more energy
  • Diverts toxic elements such as: lead, cadmium & mercury from landfills
  • 23 million pounds of e-waste diverted AND 8.5 million tonnes of water saved in over 25 years that Computer for Schools+ has been operating

Social Benefits

RCT helps to meet the growing demand for computers in the classroom and the community:

  • Provides access to technology for those in need
  • Builds community capacity through local charities, libraries and non-profits with a learning focus
  • Increases computer access in kindergarten to grade 12 across Ontario enabling learners to gain relevant, transferable computer skills

Economic Benefits:

RCT focuses on reuse by extending the life of technology, ensuring that all learners have equal access:

  • Empowers youth to compete in our knowledge-based economy
  • Hands-on computer repair skills and training to over 300 students and volunteers annually
  • Enhances learning and curriculum in schools and communities
  • Provides first time work experience for youth
  • Fosters organizational and entrepreneurial growth and capacity

Impacts & Inspiration


Social. Economic. Environmental.


What inspires our work


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