Meet your Community Engagement Lead, and learn about the various ways we have supported our over 90 partners, and the clients they serve.

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Adam French
Ottawa and North and Eastern Ontario
Alexander Oliver  – GTA West – from Mississauga and South and Western Ontario

Hafza Arshad – Toronto, GTA East and North to Barrie

    We are here to help the clients you serve.

    Through the Outreach program, we partner with local organizations to create promotions offering a selection of affordable computer packages that can be promoted to the clients they serve. We work closely with our partners, supporting them every step of the way.
    Ways we can work together to support the clients you serve:

    Program Partner – Help your clients apply online using a specific group code, and support the costs of the computer they order. For your clients convenience, we offer the option for your organization to receive the computers at your location to distribute to your clients.

    Referral Partner – Direct your clients to our online application where they can use a group-code specific to your organization, or region.
    Want to find out how we can tailor our Outreach Program for your qualifying clients.


    Laptop Loaner Programs to Support Students

    Access to a computer has become a fundamental requirement for education. However, not all students have access to a computer, creating a digital divide that affects their academic progress. To

    Celebrating a 5 Year Partnership!

    We are proud to celebrate our 5-year partnership with York Region District School Board (YRDSB).  Our partnership began in 2018, when the School Board team wanted to help their families

    Supporting Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute Students

    Marc Garneau students were in a unique state of technology need before, during, and after the pandemic. Many of our students live in the GTA's highest-density living conditions with extended