The Program

RCTech SKILLS is a proprietary online training curriculum offered exclusively to RCT employees, youth interns, volunteers & co-op students. The online curriculum was developed to enhance the RCT EXPERIENCE by offering additional hands-on training with the added benefit of flexibility to “learn at your own pace” and can be done both at work and at home.

The course curriculum focuses on developing essential skills that are transferable, necessary and in demand in our industry and are sought after by employers including:

  • Basic Network Systems
  • Wireless Technology
  • Troubleshooting
  • Server Administration
  • Effective Communication for Employment
  • Preparation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Problem Solving and Analysis
  • Leadership Skills

Our programs provide participants with a foundation for attaining a full-time position and path towards their ideal future position. Youth & volunteers are permitted and encouraged to search for full-time work throughout their employment contract with us.

The development of this program was funded by the Government of Ontario.

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