September 24, 2014 – Global News Hour features RCT Youth Interns

RCT was featured on Global News Hour. The feature focused on RCT Youth Interns` experiences working here in order to secure meaningful employment. Susan Hay also asks CIBC why they chose to donate to RCT.


MISSISSAUGA – There is an organization in Mississauga that not only offers free computers to those in need, but also offers valuable job experience to youth.

Over the last 21 years, Renewed Computer Technology (RCT) has offered more than 400,000 computers to people and organizations that would not be able to afford them.

“We give them to schools, we give them to charities, and our newest program, we really focus on low-income learners,” Shauna McCaffrey, the executive director for RCT said.

RCT hires 55 paid interns a year through its ‘Computers for Schools’ program. For six months the interns receive training related to their field of study in information technology.

“They’ve got background in networking, computer programming, but they really need that hands-on job work experience so they can get out and pursue their careers,” said Shauna.

Lead technician for RCT, Sugandaraja Neethiraja had tried to get jobs in the field before coming to RCT but was unsuccessful due to his lack of work experience.

“This is the place where they give us more experience rather than asking for experience. So I think this place means a lot because it’s the first step for me, so I’m sure it’s going to give me a lot more in the future.” 


[RCT Youth Intern Sugan & ED S McCaffrey with Susan Hay, Global]

Much of the success of RCT comes from ongoing contributions from donors like CIBC who have donated thousands of computers over the last 21 years. In the last three years alone CIBC has donated over 10 thousand computers to RCT.

“Donors are our life blood, at the end of the day,” Shauna said.

“So we need quite a few donations from those corporations, federal government does donate to us as well, but it’s not enough to support our program so we’re always looking for that massive donation to come our way,” Shauna said.

Jonathon Dent, the senior vice president region head for CIBC, said, “We selected RCT because, number one the organization is solid in terms of their support to the community.”

“It feels great that you know that these computers are going to go back in to the hands of our community, whether it’s through schools, whether it’s through libraries, or whether it’s through actual families … It’s also great to see here that there’s many youth working to help refurbish these computers.”

Extending the life of computers to expand minds is what this organization is all about and the youth that work there make that happen for thousands of people each year.

Sugandaraja said, “I know specifically that these computers are going for people who are in need. They are needed to go on with their life. So it makes me happy that I am doing something great.