April 23, 2010 – Niagara`s Earth Day e-Roundup helps collect surplus technology from 67 unique donors to refurbish for use in local schools and charities. 

WELLAND – Computers, monitors and printers were stacked on skids all Earth Day long on Hagar St. when Renewed Computer Technology had its doors open to accept used electronics for it its spring e-Roundup.

RCT manager Dave Wakeling said he`s pleased with the quality of donations.

“Compared to our last drive in January, the percentage of reusable machines is much higher. Less stuff will have to end up being recycled.”

Retired Wellander Clifton Henderson dropped off two computers and a monitor.

“I`m glad to be able to contribute,” he said.

By the end of the day, 67 unique donors from Beamsville to Fort Erie had dropped off various electronic equipment. Staff at RCT will spend coming weeks “operating a triage” at their shop to refurbish the equipment for non-profit organizations, such as schools, churches and charitable agencies.

Janice McLaren, program co-ordinator at the Learning Disability Association of Niagara in St. Catharines, drove to Welland to part with 20 computers and a few printers and monitors.

“Originally the computers were donated to us by Canadian Tire, and we had them sitting in storage. It feels good to be donating them to a good cause,” she said.

She said she wishes there were more places like this to drop off electronics and is happy to “have more space back at the office.”

John Romain, supervisor at Land Care Niagara, usually spends his time planting trees, building bird boxes or landscaping, but on Earth Day he volunteered to help donors unload their vehicles.

“This is great – anything to help the environment,” he said.

Wakeling said he`s thankful for the help of the four people sent by Land Care Niagara.

A former youth technician at RCT, Adam Szabo, 21, returned for the day to volunteer.

“This is awesome,” said Szabo.

“At least the computers can be reused, and if not, then at least be recycled in the proper way.”
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