In the fall of 2020, RCT was approached by a newly formed charity called StemWorld Educational Services – a charity hoping to provide hands on STEM education to low-income individuals with a focus on youth of African descent. They initially ordered 15 free Desktops and 15 Monitors to set up their first computer lab. Since that humble start, they have opened six new labs, across the city of Ottawa.

StemWorld has become a major partner in the Ottawa region, helping RCT achieve its mission by providing StemWorld with the computers to build and expand their computer labs.

To date, we have provided StemWorld with 759 Desktops, 204 Monitors and 150 Laptops for their new labs. since the start of our partnership. StemWorld amplifies the Computers For Schools Plus brand – using our renewed technology,  to provide youth with the computers needed to advance in STEM and to help them increase their computer literacy.  To learn about their work: