WE connected with the Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre. Located in the heart of the Regent Park community in Toronto, provides a multitude of resources and support to Indigenous peoples and newcomers settling into the community. Supports such as child and prenatal nutrition education programs, the Live Long Care Program (LLCP) for seniors that includes a weekly food delivery service, and even one-on-one counselling for Indigenous and Aboriginals struggling with mental health. Having served their community for more than 20 years, they play a vital role in helping those facing barriers . 

We connected with one of the head teachers in their education department, where we learned that many of their educational programs had transitioned to being fully online through the COVID years. This presented a unique problem as most of their program participants were people who had limited access to, and with no real means of affording, a computer. The laptops that Toronto Council Fire acquired from us helped their clients participate in online programs, like: the Literacy and Basic Skills Program where learners participate in online educational programming, ranging from tutorials on using Internet applications, digital technology, communications, arts and wellness, and even math. 

We hope to continue supporting the Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre.  To learn more about their work: click HERE!