December 15 2015 

With just a few days left before students go home for the Holidays, RCT has delivered another 118 computers across 4 schools—Brian W. Fleming, Queen Street, Thorn Lodge, and Clark Blvd, as part of Peel DSB’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives. This is the third delivery of computers over the past two years, seeing a grand total of 292 computers delivered directly to students across eight schools.

Through the RCTech OUTREACH program each student went home with an affordable, renewed desktop or laptop. The OUTREACH program supports Peel DSB’s BYOD initiatives which promotes the integration of technology into the learning process, while ensuring it is still equitable for all students.

Although there are always feelings of gratitude from the families and students, the most common reaction from students is excitement. Excitement for the new opportunities ahead of them which will make it easier to do research, complete homework assignments, and stay connected. Access to a computer at home is an important part of learning, and RCT is happy to continue being a partner in helping students succeed both in and out of the classroom.


Jihan, RCT`s lead OUTREACH technician, helps walk a parent through the basics of of her new computer.   RCT`s team helps to deliver computers to families at Clark Blvd.  


Thank you to the following schools for helping us ensure a smooth delivery to students:

• Brian W. Fleming Public School
• Central Peel Secondary School
• Morning Star Middle School
• Robert J. Lee Public School
• Sir Winston Churchill Public School
• Clark Blvd Public School
• Thorn Lodge Public School
• Queen Street Public School

Congratulations to all the students who went home with computers! We can’t wait to see what you will accomplish.