On June 14th and 15th, Renewed Computer Technology (RCT) participated for the 5th time at the St. Lawrence Market Neighborhood Association’s REmarket event, showcasing our commitment to recycling, reusing, and providing technology. The event saw an all-time high number of people donating clothing, household items, and electronics, with 610 individuals contributing to various initiatives aimed at reducing waste and supporting the community.

The REmarket event partnered with several organizations to help them meet their own sustainability objectives:

  • We (RCT) collected 3 skids worth of computers and electronic waste while
  • The Salvation army collected 33 skids of second-hand clothing and a wide variety of household items, diverting these items from landfill.
  • Staples received two large bags of batteries, and one large bag of toners for recycling purposes, and one large bag of pens and other writing instruments.
  • EarthHub received three large bags of prescription pill bottles.
  • Terracycle received one large bag of dental items and one small bag of razors. PACT received two large bags of cosmetic containers, and Optic Zone received half a large box of glasses.

The event also featured a Repair Café, where 139 visitors brought in 190 items to be fixed. Seventeen Repair Café fixers and apprentices, along with five general volunteers, worked diligently to repair these items, resulting in an estimated total diversion from landfill of 85%. This highlights the significance of repair and the value of extending the lifespan of products rather than discarding them.

The June event also featured: CultureLink’s Bike Hub, an onsite service run by CultureLink, providing bike repair workshops. The team from Bike Hub conducted 27 repairs with the assistance of four volunteers. By providing repair services for bicycles, they promoted sustainable transportation and helped community members maintain their bikes, reducing the need for new purchases.

Alex Oliver