The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) is a non-profit organization devoted to protecting, empowering, and advancing home education in Canada. The HSLDA provides legal services and professional homeschool support to help families flourish. Since 1991, they have represented homeschoolers in the courts and legislatures across Canada and worked to promote parent choice in education. Originally representing families with only 1 lawyer on their team, the HSLDA is now a Canada-wide organization helping to ensure that parents have a primary responsibility to educate their children. Homeschooling in Canada has come a far way, with the HSLDA representing over 15,000 members.

RCT began a partnership with the HSLDA in 2020 during the midst of the pandemic. Families need only provide their HSLDA membership card in order to qualify for the Computer for Schools Plus program. We at RCT are thrilled to be able to offer computers to these families and assist in the education of children across the province.